Fashion Product Consultant

  • Trend Research
  • Product Branding
  • Product Development
  • Collections Management
  • Production Management

Connect, served with zeal

Connect provides consulting services, development and production for fashion industry.
Our expertise is recognizable in the high focus for details, bringing products to the highest quality, the Italian quality.

Collection / Production

Based on the research of the best raw materials and the highest quality production partners, CONNECT provides a solid supply network and delivers finished made in italy goods.


  • Paper patterns
  • Prototypes
  • Material research (fabrics, accessories)
  • Facilities sourcing (print house, laundry house, embroidery house)
  • Collection design and production


  • Sourcing (network for high quality production)
  • Production organization
  • Quality control

Product Development

The core of our services lies in product development. We focus on what makes a product excellent and, for this, we implement these services:

Trend Research

  • The Zeitgeist monitoring
  • Trend forecasting
  • Seasonal directional input
  • Tactics for newness

Product Services

  • Moodboards
  • Material research (fabrics / knitting / leather / accessories / advanced capacity of textile and knitting)
  • New and exclusives fabrics development
  • Innovative product development (design / Fitting / Sample checking / Instructions prior to production)

Art Direction

  • Graphic design / Packaging design / Photo shooting direction / Store-design input

Product Branding

Based on advanced know-how in fashion we implement the following services:

  • Brand redefinition
  • Customer profiling and market segmentation
  • Target definition
  • Breakthrough strategy proposal
  • New brand business proposals

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